FAM D Cube Dual

Do you have an urgent task to finish but unable due to open workspace? Are you unable to focus on your meeting or presentation due to the chatter of colleagues? It might get quite irritating and disturbing when you want to focus on your important task and you are unable to do that because the surrounding environment is disturbing your concentration. If you wait to re-establish your focus, it can eat up a lot of time. There are times when not even a headphone or music helps to calm down your mind, and those times, you need a quiet and isolated space. 

For such conditions, there are several accessories built for your workspace and an office phone booth is one of those. This is present days’ one of the essential items that can help any corporate office space to get more productive and result in higher efficiency. A booth or a pod is a closed cubicle, furnished with working desk, chairs, USB, internet, and electric sockets, along with some decorative and essential items to make it more functional. 

Benefits of pods in your office
  1. Creating closed office space can be expensive to any business and you can convert your normal space into more exclusive and innovative by getting office phone booth. This will allow your staff to focus on their important tasks and meeting whenever they need to. 
  2. You can find sound proof pods Singapore in different sizes and shapes that can accommodate single person to a four- or six-person meeting space.
    At FAM Solutions, customise pods are also available. 
  3. There are times when you have confidential conversation with the client or seniors that you can’t disclose in front of other employees. This is exactly where you can use an office pod. It will ensure your information is kept safe and privacy is maintained. 
  4. When you have meeting pods placed in your work environment, remote meetings and phone calls can be easily answered. You can save a lot of your time with these spaces that can be used for other tasks. 
  5. When you are working on a project that need you to keep your complete focus consistent, being in a pod means that you can have an undivided attention to your task. Sitting in it will provide you privacy eradicating all disturbances from the surroundings. 
  6. Along with being productive, these also look a cool add-on to your office environment and you can customize the interiors with your choice of decorative items (vase, paintings, clocks, etc.), monitor arm, furniture, telephone extensions, and other items. 

There are so many reasons and benefits of installing a pod in your office. If you want to know more about it, you can contact FAM Solutions and learn in detail.