Office Phone Booth

Disturbances, fuss, and unpleasant noise can lead to lower work productivity. Even inspiring and interesting task can turn out to be very discouraging if anyone is continuously breaking off their focus. The same issue might not be distracting to everyone. Let’s say one person might have no problem writing or working while being in a noisy café, while a colleague changing sitting position might break another person’s concentration. A discussion taking place nearby may interrupt work, even if the topic is unfamiliar or uninteresting to the person trying to work. The sounds of people eating, the murmuring of people in the background, and the rattling of furniture similarly can also be distracting for many. When it is an open office, sound travels much more easily and breaks concentration.

A workspace with an open concept can be improved by offering peaceful areas to those who actually need them. A work environment that’s friendly to employees and allow them focus on what they are doing can increase their productivity while keeping them motivated.

Turning normal office into productive space

Office pods create a peaceful work environment even in open-plan offices and without renovating them again and again. Based on the work tasks assigned, you can achieve providing a conducive work environment either by bringing office pods in your workplace that allows focusing on the work, seminars, presentations, or meeting. Soundproof pods in an open-plan office allows you to design your workspace according to your taste and requirements and bring more peace to the area surrounding the pods.

  1. You can also mount a monitor screen to turn your pod into a more productive workspace. It will allow you to integrate more numbers of monitors than what you can have placed on your desk. If you are someone who requires to work and check on multiple systems at the same time, this tool will help you be more efficient. 
  2. We all know how tiring and painful it is to work while sitting on one desk for multiple hours. You can get rid of this issue by getting yourself a height adjustable desk. With this, you can work while standing or sitting, as you like. It will help you to rectify your posture and avoid any neck or back pains. 

Office pods are convenient tools to bring peace and productivity to an office space. Having even a single office pod can reduce the noise level in an office when you design it considering the needs in mind. Conducting meetings and presentations online while being in a meeting pod will be really helpful. Different people from the office can use it in different ways. A writer can sit there to focus and develop effective content material while managers can attend their online meetings with overseas clients peacefully in a phone booth. Don’t waste time thinking about it anymore. Just reach out Fam Solutions and get a full-fledged office pod and set it up in your workplace.