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Moving Office Solutions

Office Moving Service

FAM Solutions provides a complete range of services from the basic removal, which may include:

  • Computer equipment
  • Dismantling and re-erection of system furniture
  • Office Shelving
  • Safes
  • Systematic packing of spare parts
  • On call, daily hourly rate assistance to total project relocation planning and management.

Office Relocation Process

Survey Stage

  • After determining whether your relocation is to be treated as fixed price or hourly rate service, we will arrange for one of our representatives to complete a site inspection at your existing premises.
  • We will promptly prepare and submit our relocation proposal which will contain a detailed Scope of Works prepared as a result of the site inspection, together with our quotation, exclusions, Key Points, transit insurance information, Operations and Planning details, plus itemised additional services that we can offer.

Planning Stage

  • After the acceptance of our quotation, we will invite a meeting at your premises to discuss all issues including timing and coding system for floor plans.
  • We will assist with the detailed management of the project, which will include, staff presentations, briefings, liaison with building management in regard to lift access etc.
  • Cartons and all relevant packing materials and equipment will be delivered according to your instructions.

Operations Stage

  • The works need to be scheduled for any time that unrestricted and exclusive lift access at the respective premises can be arranged.
  • We will provide one point of contact for the period of the works
  • Please be assured that we will commit all of our full-time resources to the relocation. Upon firm quote acceptance we will bloc the proposed dates which will guarantee our maximum capacity to achieve your deadlines.


  • Security is always an issue since to a large extent the premises is not secure during the course of the relocation. Our staff are fully uniformed and undergo a pre and post move security check. We can arrange for the supply of security guards if required at cost.

Post Move Services

  • Cleaning services.
  • Supply of staff after the move for fine tuning and final adjustments to furniture layout.
  • Disposal of rubbish to Tip or security burn

Workstation Relocation Service

Workstation Relocation Service

  • We have a team of skilled staff to dismantle, relocate and re-erect any make of Workstation.
  • This will usually involve an audit of the existing parts to ensure that the desired new configuration can be achieved.
  • We can also provide service of disposal off all unwanted Workstations, furniture and equipment at Auction. This can be planned for the day of the move to new premises, (even on the weekend), or at another time.
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