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Ergonomic supplies from Singapore's leading ergonomic supplier

FAM Solutions is a leading ergonomic supplier based in Singapore. Our wide and extensive array of ergonomic supplies include monitor mounts, adjustable ergonomic LCD monitor armskeyboard traysdrawers and CPU holders which aim to create comfortable and healthy living and working conditions. You can perform your work at your best in an ergonomic office and feel more at home in your daily life through our ergonomic solutions. With an increasing emphasis on achieving a healthy work and home working environment, the importance of ergonomics can no longer be ignored and our products will achieve that and so much more!

Ergonomics is a multi-disciplinary science of adapting human characteristics and capabilities to the work environment to improve human health, performance and optimal productivity. Ergonomics impacts our daily lives and emphasizes designing the workplace to fit the employee rather than the employee fitting the workplace. The goal of using effective ergonomic supplies is to minimize injury and illnesses due to chronic physical and psychological stresses, while maximizing comfort, productivity, and efficiency.

As a trusted ergonomic supplier in Singapore, every single one of our ergonomic office products fit all the key ergonomic criteria. All our ergonomic supplies come with a three years warranty and is made of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Our ergonomic supplies are competitively priced and we provide an excellent after-sales service that is bound to guarantee satisfaction.

Our vision is to be THE one-stop ergonomic supplier to international and local customers. We aim to raise general awareness and importance of good office ergonomics and to become the leading provider of ergonomic supplies in Asia.

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