Laptop Holder FAMLT-01

When looking for a monitor arm, it is important to know the type of mount that you require. A monitor arm is a functional tool that allows you to adjust the height and position of your monitor to your desired angle. You can use the monitor arm on a regular office desk, standing desk, and you could also mount it on your wall.

Whether you have one or more monitor screens, you can easily set up multiple monitor display to your workstation. FAM Solutions offer an array of monitor arms that could easily be clamp-on or mounted to your desk. With flexible extension arm on most monitor arms, you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes or having neck aches when using your monitor for long periods of time. With a monitor arm, you can free up space from your desk and improve ergonomic viewing angles.

How does a monitor arm support comfort?

A monitor arm is an adjustable mount that supports your monitor screen, allowing the user to elevate their workplace at the ideal height and angle suitable for working. Its base end gets attached to the table, wall, or ceiling, and the opposite end is fastened to the back of the monitor. Effortless adjustment of the monitor’s height, depth, and angle unlocked by a monitor arm enables the user to find comfort and optimize their efficiency. This is because monitor arm allows you to maintain a cosy yet relaxing posture through numerous working positions, they are one of the many excellent ergonomic product for a more convenient yet functional workspace.

Who benefits from using a monitor arm?

Anyone who uses the monitor for long periods of time will find the monitor arm useful as it aides in decreasing neck aches and eye strains. It is an added advantage especially for users who typically uses more than one monitor when working.

The use of monitor arms can also create more work space, and it does not require much space to have it installed too. Users can easily switch to sitting and standing when they install their monitor arm, as its height can be adjusted to any position.

Our monitor arms help to eradicate these problems allowing you to adjust your screen at the favourable height, angle, position, and distance, so you do not strain your eyes to do your work.