What are office pods and how do they help?

An office pod is just like a small portable room that you can easily move around your office. Designed using high-quality materials and comes in various sleek designs that fit perfectly into any environment. It can be used for different work purposes from a meeting space to private phone calls.

You can find versions of this versatile office pods in the market, as it consists of a variety of different products in it. Also known as meeting booths, you can fill it with a basic desk, stool, or a monitor mount. A power socket is also placed in the booth to allow users to connect their electrical devices, e.g. laptop, mobile phone.

Office pods are becoming a staple in the office

Office meeting pods are in demand in an open office space. They can be really effective to boost productivity, lower stress, and raise confidence. Office pods are also helpful in improving communication and collaboration among employees in your team. 

  1. When you have an office pod, you can quickly meet and share ideas with other people. Office pods will also make it easy to have a meeting with clients without taking them into the main office premises.
  2. Pods are quite popular in the workplace and it is for a good reason. The small space allows your employees to recharge themselves by working independently or to collaborate with other.
  3. Office pods may boost the employee’s productivity rate as it helps them to stay focused in a quiet environment.

Soundproof pods help improve communication as they provide people to interact with co-workers. You can use that space as a meeting/conference room or workspace as and when needed, rather than having a discussion at your work station, potentially bothering others.

With the increased in an open office space concept, privacy is very hard to come by hence soundproof may just come in handy. Pods have been a popular utility tool since they were introduced as a substitute to meeting rooms. You can find them in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

If you find that an office pod is the most ideal add-on to your current office layout, drop us an email and we would love to carry the conversations forward.

FAM Solutions have different variations of these office pods and we are certain that we might just have the right one for you. You can view our range of office pods here: FAM Cube Catalogue