Adapting to changing needs with adjustable tables

Everyone certainly wants to be able to carry out their daily tasks at work to the best of their ability. A well-chosen work desk is a great aid in achieving this goal. While there are many types of desks worth considering, one which deserves particular focus is the adjustable table.

An adjustable table, also known as a height-adjustable desk or a sit-stand desk, increases a worker’s physical mobility by enabling seamless transitions from seated to standing positions. These tables contribute significantly to the workplace in multiple different ways.

Utility Across Work Environments

Just about every worker could benefit from using an adjustable table. Whether sitting alone at an office desk, collaborating with colleagues in a communal space, or working remotely from thousands of kilometres away, individuals in these scenarios all stand to gain from using adjustable tables.

Image of a woman standing using an adjustable table

When workers gain the opportunity to control their work surroundings to suit themselves, they often become more engaged and productive. This is perhaps the most important trait of an adjustable table – it not only grants the worker physical comfort, but autonomy on the job as well. Since this benefit applies across different work environments, businesses which employ workers across various work environments stand to greatly benefit from making use of these versatile pieces of furniture.

Enhanced Health and Well-Being

No two bodies are exactly the same. While that statement should be self-evident on the surface, it also has important implications pertaining to adjustable tables. Sitting in front of a table which isn’t suitable for one’s body can cause one to suffer much physical discomfort or pain. These tables prevent this from being the case; the adjustable height of these tables allows anyone from the shortest to the tallest to be able to sit comfortably and avoid negative physical effects.

Additionally, adjustable tables prevent workers from becoming overly sedentary. Being seated for an excessive time period can cause physical and mental fatigue, muscle stiffness, and reduced alertness, inhibiting productivity while also potentially leading to long-term physical harm. Using a manual height-adjustable standing desk averts such problems, warding off the inherent dangers of being seated for too long.

Eco-Friendly Designs

An adjustable table does not have to be environmentally harmful. These tables can easily be made in ways which preserve the environment. Tables which have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are made of wood which has been sourced from plantations managed sustainably and responsibly. Many FSC-certified adjustable tables can be purchased in Singapore. Other adjustable tables might utilise recycled materials in the manufacturing of those tables.

Logo of FSC

The tables, particularly those featuring standing desk converters, can even be made in ways that facilitate maximisation of energy efficiency. Several table designs make use of motion sensors. These sensors allow the table to enter a power-saving mode or even shut down automatically once they have been left idle for a given period. Adjustable tables which come in light colours such as white, beige, or cream get additional credit in this area. This is because they cause the immediate area to appear brighter, reducing the need for electrical lighting.

Integration of Technology

Many adjustable tables have integrated technological features to further increase their user-friendliness. Some of these features include built-in charging ports that can also be used to charge mobile phones and even video game consoles and controllers, making them just as fit for leisure as they are for work.

Some adjustable tables come with smart functions to set them at a specific height. With just the push of a button, workers can select a programmable memory position to best suit their needs. There are even smart adjustable tables with anti-collision systems. Such tables automatically reverse direction when they come into contact with any other object during height adjustment. This feature protects those tables from damage.

Evidently, adjustable tables are a great boon to the workers of today. And who better to turn to for these wonderful tables than FAM Solutions? A renowned provider of high-quality ergonomic furniture for clients all over Singapore, FAM Solutions has all the answers.

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