Office Pod

Getting focused usually demands for a peaceful place that allows elimination of as many disturbances as possible. For those who face struggles in focusing or want to have interruption free-meetings, relying on a soundproof pod or a meeting pod might be the best option to have. There are also some high end options available out there for which are more expensive. But it is possible for people that are trying to look for a cheaper value for money alternative phonebooth.

Soundproof pods not only help with sound management, but also allow you to focus on the task at hand. High quality ventilated fan circulate air in the pod for a comfortable environment. Value for money and it instantly grants the staff an alternative space for productivity.

Are soundproof pods/private booth worth it?

Although conceptualised a few years ago, more and more offices are getting onto the trend of owning it. This is because it is a much cheaper alternative to meeting rooms and provides the same level of comfort and privacy.

Indeed, numerous businesses have used acoustic pods for promoting more productivity and efficiency in offices. This is something that would be increasingly seen in offices.

At FAM Solutions you would be able to find the best soundproof pods which fits your budget. With aplenty of options, sizes and colours for you to choose from, we are sure that you can find the right pod/private phone booth for your office.