FAM D Cube Dual

With many tech-based companies popping up in Singapore, office booth or pods are suitable for all types of work environment, rather than proving to be a utility for just technology-driven companies. These pods are insanely becoming popular in different offices such as accounting firms, law offices, and tech companies, but remember that they aren’t just built for tech companies! This is a great efficiency boosting equipment for a workspace that can be used for any office environment where employees sometimes need privacy to focus or want to stay away from the interruptions caused due to fellow workers who are working at their desks being around.

Office Pods allow you a flexibility to change your work format according to the needs of your company at any particular time. This allows your company to promote efficiency and improve the aesthetics without spending any extra time or money in renovating the offices.

How are office pods functional for workspace?

A common feature available in most of the pods is a table where employees can keep their systems and attend meet or collaborate on projects. This promotes employee productivity leading to more focus on projects when needed without disturbing or getting disturbed from the fellow open office environment. 

An office pod allows employees to have some privacy without occupying the cabins or conferences where you hold meetings with other members of the team. For spaces where there is no office phone booth, people when in need have to sit in the conference hall. This is not practical because you might need that space for conducting project meetings, client meet-ups, or target setting. However, pods are helpful especially for the project managers and sales team that need to attend client calls very frequently and attending those in open space can disturb others. 

Office pods are built with the consideration of ergonomic design that not just helps you maintain privacy but a good posture too as you’re working for long hours on your computer or laptop, thereby significantly improving your productivity at work! 

Choose Fusion Office Design for Office Pods Today

Office pods can be the perfect answer to your problem if you want to create more of a private and productive work environment. When you have so many options available on the market, it can be sometimes really hard to know which one is right for your business. That’s where Fam Solutions comes to help. We are an expert at providing high-quality office pod accessories such as acoustic pod, monitor arm or height adjustable desk. You can contact us today for a discussion, and we will help you create a functional workspace for your team that will help to increase productivity and satisfaction among your skilled employees.

When you have office pods, you can place them according to your preferred interior placement. These pods will help to make your workspace look more appealing and intriguing keeping your people motivated for work.