Do you think soundproofing meeting pods works?

Do you feel the need to get away from the noise that disturbs you during important meetings? Unable to focus on your project due to surrounding noise in workplace?

Finding a place to immerse in silence can be really tough while being in the office. However, with soundproof pods, you can definitely gain more focus during a meeting and getting away from all unnecessary noise. These pods or booths are beneficial for people who find it easy to work better when the surrounding is quiet.

Let’s get familiar to these pods to understand what soundproof pods are, how they work and why you should invest in one.

What is the use of soundproof pods?

Soundproof pods are structures created for people to use in offices when they feel the need to ensure there is little to no noise around. They are widely known to help provide a quiet work or meeting space.

Available in different shapes and sizes, these pods are equipped with table and chairs/sofa to create a comfortable work setting.

If your workspace needs a small area to conduct small meetings to avoid distractions, an acoustic office phone booth is the most ideal environment.

Also designed for phone calls, in an open concept office, the phonebooth would be a good place to hold a private call. 

Privacy pods can help you to have your own personal space to attend to private phone calls, and a place for internal discussion.

How do soundproof pods work?

Soundproof pods are built from special materials like acoustic panels, tempered glass and sound absorbing foam to prevent noise from entering and going out of the pod. Acoustic pod Singapore works perfectly all because of the amazing materials used with the quality to block or absorb the sound waves.

 If you are looking for a reliable Soundproof pod, you can contact Fam Solutions to get the desired solution to meet your needs.

At FAM Solutions, we tailor phone booths in any size or configurations you prefer. The walls of a soundproof phone booth will be installed with acoustic panels and sound absorbing foam to restrict noise from entering the phonebooth.

Customise your own soundproof pod by dropping us a message or send in your query to us today!