Adjustable Tables for Small Spaces

The world today is truly “smaller” and more connected than it has ever been before. With the aid of technology, anyone can work for a business based in another city, country, or even continent without ever having to leave their own home.

That being said, those who work from home face the issue of smaller spaces, given the reduced availability of open areas compared to a conventional office setting. Whether one lives in the stereotypical “shoebox apartment” or simply happens to have no viable space for a home office setup, finding space to work remotely can often be a challenge. This is where compact solutions such as ergonomic furniture come into play.

The adjustable table, also known as a sit-stand desk, is a compact, ergonomic, and versatile addition to anyone’s home office. Keep reading to explore how adjustable tables provide functionality and boost productivity while saving a great deal of space.

Anti-Collision and G-Force Detection in Standing Desks

Multi-Purpose Functionality

An adjustable table need not be used as a work desk alone. Many adjustable tables sold in Singapore today come with a floor pedestal featuring various compartments to facilitate the storage of papers and important items. Other manual height-adjustable standing desks might feature storage trays and drawers for this same purpose.

Some adjustable tables include built-in charging ports to charge laptops, mobile phones, video game controllers and consoles, and various rechargeable electronic devices. Other tables come with smart functions which feature anti-collision systems and even programmable memory positions to meet a worker’s physical needs.

Adjustable Tables

Ergonomic Considerations

In a home office with space constraints, workers might inadvertently end up neglecting their own physical posture and comfort, harming their well-being and productivity. For this reason, many adjustable tables are designed ergonomically. One example of an ergonomic design commonly incorporated into such tables is a standing desk converter, a feature used to transition a table from a standing to a seated position or vice versa. This converter may either be manual or electric; it is intended to prioritise physical comfort and shorten time periods spent seated.

Tables which are height-adjustable also prioritise ergonomics in a different way. People of all heights and body types will be able to find the most comfortable position by selecting a height of their preference. Doing so helps prevent the onset of immediate physical strain and mitigates the risk of enduring chronic physical damage in the long run. There are even two-sided height-adjustable tables to cater to left-handed users.

Customisation Options

Adjustable tables prove to be an excellent choice for home offices, owing to their compact design that readily accommodates additional parts or features. Workers who customise their tables to best suit their needs and desires are likely to enjoy a greater level of comfort. Among the features often added to these tables through customisation services include armrests, lumbar support, and customised seat height.

Other customisation options available include grommet types and positions, castor wheels, and aesthetic options such as surface materials and colours. These options provide workers with positive psychological effects by granting them additional autonomy and personal control while working.

Every remote worker must optimise the available limited space and this can be achieved through the utilisation of adjustable tables from FAM Solutions. Our tables are designed to be ergonomic, sleek, compact, and easily customisable – perfect for individuals with varying needs and tastes. These tables provide so much value for their size that you won’t even realise you’re not working from a highly spacious office.

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