6 Workstation Accessories for Home Office

6 Workstation Accessories for Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things; one such thing is that we can all be productive while working from home. Just as when everyone was getting accustomed to the new normal (of working from home), it can get a little uncomfortable if the home office does not have do not have the right set-up.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up six such essential workstation accessories that will create a better office set-up for work from home professionals in this article. So, let’s dive in:-

#1. Cable Tray

In any home office, almost every piece of equipment has cables and wires. For example, desktops, laptops, and printers have multitude of cables. Not properly managing them can cause a big mess on your workstation.

Cable trays are able to store your cables and wires at one place, keeping your desk neat and tidy — away from messy wires. Installing a cable tray under the desk will efficiently keep the wires away. If not managed properly, the cables and wires can cause damage with issues from overheating to tripping hazards.

#2. Pedestal Desk

Another workstation accessory on the list is a pedestal desk. It provides convenient and safe storage for your work files, documents and other important items.

Available in a variety of styles and specifications, having a pedestal desk that is fully mobile is the most ideal one for a home office — you can easily manoeuvre and store it as per your convenience.

#3. Power Socket With USB

Having a power socket with USB will definitely keep your desk neat, and away from unnecessary power adapters. Multifunctional and a space saver, with this power socket, you no longer need power adapters anymore. This also makes up a wonderful tech-savvy gift too.

#4. Folding Table

It is recommended to get a foldable table where you can easily convert any small space into a convenient home office. It’s an accessory that you can conveniently keep anywhere with little to no hassle. They are the best at making the most out of the available space at home.

Foldable tables are typically made out of lightweight materials such as aluminium and plastic for greater portability. FAM Solutions’s foldable tables are available in a myriad of shapes, right from round, square, and rectangle.

#5. PU Pad

A PU Pad is one of the few must-have accessory for your home office. It provides wrist support when you’re typing or moving the mouse. The fabric of the lightweight PU Pad is easy on the skin, and has a vast surface to accommodate various devices.

Its high mouse sensitivity makes it easier and convenient to carry out your daily activities when you’re in ‘office’.

#6. Forearm Support

Whether working long hours in the office or at home, having a support for your forearm can significantly reduce neck, shoulder, and arm pain. When looking to buy a forearm support, it is important to make sure that it is made out of comfortable material.

Our forearm support is made out of PU leather and is padded. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any installation; you can easily clamp over on your table.

At FAM Solutions, we provide ergonomic office furniture solutions, which includes a vast selection of furniture, décor, and storage products.

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