6 Must-Have Features For Your Office Phone Booth

A modern open-office layout is often not conducive to work with, especially when someone is making a sales call. This is where phone booths take the centre stage; they are modular, portable, and provide dedicated space for confidential meetings and creative ideas to take birth.

If you’re looking to invest in a phone booth, you may want to consider these crucial features:

1. Soundproof

Obviously the primary objective of installing a phone booth is that it needs to be soundproof. You need to make sure that the phone booth that you’re installing fit its purpose. Inquire with the manufacturer, and test out the phone booths for soundproofing, and what decibel of noise will be blocked first before committing to one.

2. Portability / Flexibility

It is best to invest in a phone booth that is portable. This will allow you to shift it into convenient spaces. Non-portable phone booths require disassembling which can only be done by technicians and these certainly will not move an inch.

Do your research on the portability factor before ordering a phone booth for your office.

3. Proper Lighting

Phone booths with proper wall lights provide good visibility. Generally, phone booths have LED motion sensor lights; lighting up as soon as someone enters through the door, and goes off when they leave, thus saving energy.

4. Furniture

Many phone booths come equipped with a sofa, and a small desk or surface large enough to place a laptop. You will need to consider how comfortable these furniture is — e.g. are you able to work for long hours with the sofa and table provided in the phone booth?

Some manufacturers let their clients choose the type of seating arrangement. Secondly, how convenient it is to work inside, and finally, the ease of getting in and out of the phone booth.

5. Ventilation

Phone booths need proper ventilation to manage indoor temperature, and most importantly, to get rid of unpleasant scent.

Typically, installing a ventilation fan keeps the indoor air healthy and prevents any poor odour, smoke and other pollutants away.

6. Connectivity

It is next to impossible for your employees to carry out important work tasks i.e. attending to a video conference call or virtual meeting, if they don’t have access to the internet, or charging points for their gadgets.

Ensure that the phone booth is equipped with all the necessary equipments that you will typically need in the office.


At FAM Solutions, we tailor phone booths designs according to your specifications & preferences. Our phone booths are soundproof and have all the important features such as LED motion sensor lights, ventilation, and charging ports.

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