Living in bustling city can be stressful for one seeking quietness and peace at home. Working in offices with multiple colleagues is always interesting but may be distracting, especially when you have to attend meetings or conferences. It can create a nuisance leading you to be out of focus when you need it the most.

With meeting pods, you can create a space where meetings or calls can be attended privately.

Great solution for open offices

Although open offices usually look good, there is not much privacy and it can sometimes affect productivity and overall performance of your team members. Therefore, facing interruptions during working means a lot of work time wasted.

Health and Safety

Noise pollution is not just influencing the environment in a bad way, but it also adversely affects the human body. It is noted that coronary diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, and other diseases are linked to high exposure to sound and noise.


Soundproofing your office space can prevent voice leaks, which make sure that others cannot hear private conversations or what goes in the meeting unless you want them to. There are times when boisterous music and conversations can be heard from other colleagues and this can be disturbing for those who are working.

Less stress

Another benefit of a private office pod is that they allow for peace and quiet which is a stress reduction. Many workers find the open office environment irritating due to the consistent disturbances and noise which can cause a stressful environment.

Stress can make it really difficult to bring out your creative side and can invite health issues like high blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue.

Make your office look more professional

Acoustic pods can enhance the overall interior design. They can be customised to make sure they match the surroundings. A workspace with a privacy pod will have a place for staff to have some privacy. Installing office phone booth in your office can break up the large space and allow for an easier working environment.

Acoustic pods are affordable and attractive to be installed in any office. They are flexible and they can be moved around the office if required. They are also a cheaper alternative compared to a permanent structure. 

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