4 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs a Private Phone Booth

Why Does Your Workplace Need a Private Phone Booth?

Today, most organizations, from startups, SMEs to big enterprises, all have adapted an open plan design for their offices. But having such design for an office is not always a conducive place to have private conversations.

What is a Phone Booth?

It is a dedicated soundproof space where your employees work on crucial tasks such as crafting a quotation for a big potential client, taking an important client call, or your manager needs a quiet space to plan the Black-Friday sales strategy.
In this article, we’ve put together four solid reasons why open offices should invest in a phone booth.

1. Improves Employee Focus

In a workspace designed for collaboration, sitting down quietly and focusing on a task at hand can be hard. There can be distractions, and noisy ambience that may affect an employee’s focus.

Installing a soundproof booth will allow employees to escape from distractions in the office. Discussions carried out in the booth can also be more laser focused, allowing employees to be more productive.

2. No Disturbance

An office environment can be chaotic. Sometimes it becomes hard to hear what the individual on the other side of the call is saying with the background noises that’s happening, and it can affect your business relations.

Having a phone booth will minimise the disturbance faced by employees, when they are having telephone conversations with potential business leads or business partners in a quiet space.

3. Privacy

Having a quiet space in the office to carry out important tasks is a valuable addition to your open-place workspace. But there are several other reasons your employees want some privacy. They may have a confidential business call to make, or would like to have a private discussion with the team.

Another benefit of the phone booth is easing the tensions if workplace conflicts. They provide a quiet space where resolutions amongst affected parties can be made.

4. Have Some Alone Time

In any typical open-plan workspace, securing alone time is challenging. But a few moments of peace are indispensable, if you want your employees to stay productive.

As per Tech Radar‘s article, a noisy work environment affects efficiency, creating a 66% drop in productivity due to stress.

To combat this, consider investing in a privacy booth where employees can gather their thoughts and potentially leave the stress factor out of their mind.


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