3 Reasons That Suggest Sit-Stand Desks

3 Reasons That Suggest Sit-Stand Desks Are An Investment for Your Employees’ Good Health

Whether you’re setting up a new startup space or revamping your current office, the good health and wellbeing of your employees surely is your top priority.

Employees are the heart and soul of every organization; thus, putting efforts & money into buying ergonomic furniture could potentially lead to increased productivity, minimal sick leaves, and a low-risk percentage of workplace accidents.

What is the solution?

A sit-stand or stand-up desk is a kind of desk that allows anyone to work comfortably while sitting or standing. Many modern sit-stand desks are adjustable so that its height can be changed quickly, and alternate between sitting & standing.

This article will put forth how sit-stand desks will allow your employees to work pain-free.

Here Are Compelling Benefits of Using a Sit-Stand Desk:-

1.Reduce Back & Neck Pain

A sedentary lifestyle causes the vertebrae to become constricted, which leads to neck and back pain in the long run. Even a couple of minutes — in regular intervals— standing at your desk can relieve the stress and pressure on your musculoskeletal, caused by sitting all day.

To further determine whether sit-stand desks can actually lower the risk of back pain, one study revealed that many experienced improvement in their lower back pain after several weeks of using sit-stand desks.

Note: If reducing back and neck pain is one of your biggest motivations for purchasing such desks, then opt for either gas-operated or motorised desks for greater convenient.

Our height-adjustable sit-stand desks allows your employees to sit and stand at their convenience without feeling any pain or discomfort.

2.Improves Productivity

When we are in a standing position, our body is better aligned, in turn experiencing less pain or discomfort. When a person is comfortable, their attitude towards work also improves — minimal tensions on the muscle, and further boost work productivity.

In one particular study, participants using sit-stand desks reported an improvement in stress and fatigue than working seated all day long. It also improved their mood states.

3.Standing Increases Concentration

A sit-stand desk presents your employees the option to stand and work to combat those pesky afternoon slumber in a more healthy way rather than sipping caffeine-infused drinks.

Standing pumps blood throughout the body and to the brain, thus improving the brand’s functionality. Therefore, your employees will feel more focused in a standing position rather than slouching in a chair at their desk.


In conclusion, it has been proven in medical studies that using a sit-stand desk is good for your health and has the ability to increase in productivity. As such, it’s a good reason to convert the current office desks to a sit-stand one.

Investing in sit-stand desks comes with a lifetime of health benefit and will be able to keep your employees laser focused on their work.

At FAM Solutions, we have an array of ergonomic office furniture that will be able to accommodate to your office needs. To find out more, drop us a message or contact us today!