Laptop Stand Series



• Ergonomic support for laptops
• Compatible with Tablet PCs in landscape or Portrait
• Adjustable height width for added stability
• Displays Laptop at 6 different tilt positions for viewing
• Sturdy aluminum frame to withstand 24kg
• Slim, lightweight and portable
• Hollowed-out design to avoid over-heating
• Neoprene material bag cover doubles as a mouse pad
• Min Size: 252 x 182mm (9.92" x 7.16")
• Max Size: 252 x 275mm (9.92" x 10.83")
• Weight: 435g
• Available in 5 colours

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of professionals who make use of laptops for their office work and take advantages of the laptop's portability. It is then quite unfortunate that they're not as comfortable to use as desktops or palmtops. Fortunately, there's a solution for that: laptop stands.

A laptop stand provides the same function for a laptop like how a LCD monitor arm would be for a LCD monitor. However, the laptop stand is portable and provides a sturdy work surface that you can move out of the way or to different rooms as needed.

If the laptop screen is not at the proper position, users might face with repetitive stress injuries (RSI), neck pains, back pains and headaches!

A laptop stand would solve these problems for laptop users. A laptop stand basically supports a laptop that is placed on it, typically to raise its screen up to a more ergonomic height, provide cooling, and to conserve desk space.

At FAM Solutions, our laptop stands are made of sturdy aluminium frame and it cools off the heat at a faster rate. Our laptop stand comes in five colours. The laptop stand is height adjustable with six different heights, width adjustable, slim, lightweight and portable. Our laptop stand has a hollowed out design to prevent the laptop from overheating. A neoprene material bag is given to double up as a mouse pad. The laptop stand can also be used to mount your IPAD or tablet PCs in portrait or landscape mode. Our laptop stands had even won the 2008 Great Design award in Taiwan! FAM Solutions laptop stands are ergonomically designed to refrain from straining your muscles, especially the ones in your neck and back area!

The unique design of FAM Solutions Laptop stand means that the stand neatly folds when not in use and expands to fit any size of laptop, iPad or other tablet PC when open. Combined with an external mouse and keyboard this laptop stand allows you to set up an ergonomic working position with your laptop wherever you are.

The laptop stand is constructed of anodised aluminium making it lightweight (550g) and exceptionally durable to withstand continuous use.

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