Easyfly Series


• Available in Clamp or Grommet mount type
• Aluminium Die-Casting profile
• Cable management
• Monitor quick release mechanism
• Supports monitors up to 24”

• Max loading capacity of 12 kg (26.4 lbs) per arm

• 360° monitor rotation and ± 90° tilting

• Height adjustment range of 15 cm

• VESA compliant

• Optional anti-theft kit

• Color Available

FAML3-200 (Clamp mount)

FAML3-300 (Grommet mount)



• Single monitor support

• No arm stretch
• W124 x D119 x H348 ~ 492mm


FAML3-201 (Clamp mount)

FAML3-301 (Grommet mount)




• Single monitor support

• Single arm stretch
• W124 x D289 x H348 ~ 492mm


FAML3- 202 (Clamp mount)

FAML3-302 (Grommet mount)



• Single monitor support

• Double arm stretch
• W124 x D459 x H378 ~ 522mm


FAML3-201D (Clamp mount)

FAML3-301D (Grommet mount)



• Double monitor support

• Single arm stretch
• W515 x D119 x H339 ~ 484mm


FAML3-202D (Clamp mount)

FAML3-302D (Grommet mount)



• Double monitor support

• Double arm stretch
• W855 x D119 x H369 ~ 514mm


FAML3-203T (Clamp mount)

FAML3-303T (Grommet mount)



• Triple monitor support

• Triple arm stretch
• W1195 x D119 x H399 ~ 544mm


Support your monitor with the Easyfly LCD arm

Workplace configurations are continually changing and evolving to suit the ergonomic demands of today's office environment. Not only are health concerns addressed but work performance also increases when your workspace is ergonomically friendly. FAM Solutions invites you to see our wide range of ergonomic supplies and office ergonomic accessories. One of these ergonomic solutions is an LCD arm system. This is an ideal ergonomic addition to any workstation that allows for perfect placement of your LCD monitor. The Easyfly LCD arm is both durable and adaptable and is an ideal way to maximise viewing comfort by reducing eye, back and neck strain caused by improper positioning of your monitor.

As a configurable multi-monitor arm system, the Easyfly series will certainly meet your current mounting requirements for single, double or triple monitor support. You can convert your LCD monitor configurations with little time or effort, and just like a CPU holder or monitor mount, the LCD arm would also free up your desk space. The Easyfly LCD arms are easily adjustable and are able to swivel, rotate and tilt at many different angles. As our body position changes throughout the day, the LCD arm should be flexible enough to change the position of the monitor easily.

Excellent for monitors up to 24", the Easyfly LCD ergonomic arm is available in clamp or grommet mount type. With 360 degrees rotation, a height adjustment range of 15 cm and a max loading capacity of 12 kg (26.4 lbs.) per arm, the VESA compliant Easyfly LCD arm offers a variety of ergonomic and organizational benefits and is truly a fantastic ergonomic solution.

The Easyfly LCD arm at FAM Solutions is affordable and made of top quality aluminium in our factory in Taiwan. Each LCD arm, like our keyboard trays and drawers, includes a three year warranty and comes in a few different designs and colours to be compatible with your workstation. Also available is an optional anti-theft kit so you can be sure that your LCD monitor is safely secure.

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