CPU Holder Series



• 360 swivel for easy access to cables
• Easy height and width adjustment
• Height adjustment range from 30cm to 52.5cm
• Width adjustment range from 13.5cm to 24.5cm
• Available together with Anti-theft kit
• Minimum size 30cm x 13.5cm
• Maximum size 52.5cm x 24.5cm
• Maximum weight 25Kg

Save space by installing a CPU holder

Have you ever felt like your CPU is taking too much space on your workstation and getting in the way of your monitor or keyboard? When you place your CPU on the floor, do you tend to keep kicking it because your legs just don't have enough space to relax? At FAM Solutions, we take pride in our ergonomic supplies and office ergonomic accessories. We offer many ergonomic solutions and to the concerns as brought up above, you might just want to look into the benefits of installing a CPU holder.

CPU holders help you save valuable space as they will suspend your CPU tower off the ground while keeping it at an accessible height. By keeping the CPU off the floor, you'll be preventing the accumulation of dust on your unit as well as minimize the risk of having your valuable computer equipment be kicked or damaged by a vacuum cleaner. Some of our CPU holders are retractable and have a swivel feature allowing for easy access to your CPU's cables, ports and drives. FAM Solutions' CPU holders also promote a longer life for CPUs by allowing hardware to stay cool and vent freely.

Each CPU holder is height, width, depth adjustable and is also able to rotate 360 and be moveable on a track. Unlike other CPU holders which are made from lesser materials to save on cost, our CPU holders are made from quality materials and emphasize on the safety of the users. Just like our range of ergonomic LCD monitor arms, keyboard trays, drawers and monitor mounts, we also provide a 3 year warranty for all our CPU holders.

FAM Solutions' CPU holders come in two designs. The differences in the two designs are basically to either mount a bigger or smaller CPU. Additionally, our CPU holders come in two colours to match your work stations - silver or black. The CPU holders can be mounted under your work station with rotatable and slide functions. If you think that you just need it to be mounted under your workstation without the rotatable and slide functions, just let our friendly sales person know and we can also provide this solution for you by not installing the tray for the rotatable and slide functions.

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