Butterfly Series


• Available in Clamp or Grommet mount type
• Aluminium Die-Casting profile
• Cable management
• Monitor quick release mechanism
• Supports monitors up to 24”

• Max loading capacity of 12 kg (26.4 lbs) per arm

• 360° monitor rotation and ± 90° tilting

• VESA compliant

• Optional Front end height adjustment

• Optional anti-theft kit

FAML-200 (Clamp mount)

FAML-300 (Grommet mount)



• With a quick release function

• No arm stretch
• W124 x D147 x H461mm


FAML-201 (Clamp mount)

FAML-301 (Grommet mount)



• Single monitor support
• Single arm stretch
• W124 x D317 x H461mm


FAML-202 (Clamp mount)

FAML-302 (Grommet mount)



• Single monitor support
• Double arm stretch
• W124 x D487 x H461mm


FAML-201D (Clamp mount)

FAML-301D (Grommet mount)



• Double monitor support
• Single arm stretch
• W561 x D159 x H461mm


FAML-202D (Clamp mount)

FAML-302D (Clamp mount)



• Double monitor support
• Double arm stretch
• W901 x D159 x H461mm


FAML-203T (Clamp mount)

FAML-303T (Grommet mount)



• Triple monitor support

• Triple arm stretch
• W1241 x D159 x H461mm


FAML-9024 (Clamp mount)

FAML-9024G (Grommet mount)



• Quadruple monitor support
• Double arm stretch
• W901 x D159 x H900mm


FAML-9036 (Clamp mount)

FAML-9036G (Grommet mount)



• Hextuple monitor support

• Triple arm stretch
• W1241 x D159 x H900mm


Strong and ergonomically designed monitor arms

Bad ergonomics contribute to problems like repetitive stress injuries (RSI), neck pains, back pains and headaches. These in turn can actually result in a decrease of work productivity. FAM Solutions can help with our line of ergonomic office products offering you the very best in ergonomic solutions. One of the first workstation upgrades one should seriously look at are ergonomically designed monitor arms. Monitor arms, like monitor mounts, enable you to easily adjust your monitors to a position where it's most comfortable, eliminating the pains as covered above. Ergonomic arms also help you save space as they allow monitors to be easily moved out of the way when not in use. There are as many types of LCD arms as there are monitors, but, as a general ergonomic principle, the best ones would ensure that your eye level is kept at a comfortable height in order to prevent neck strain. Aside from height, depth and angle adjustability, monitor arms also help eliminate clutter by managing unsightly cables.

If you're looking for strong and durable support for your monitors, the Butterfly series of monitor arms might be what you're looking for. This LCD monitor arm series is usually chosen when consumers need support for three to six monitors. The VESA compliant, aluminium die-casting profile Butterfly series of monitor arms supports monitors up to 24" and has 360 degrees of rotation. With a max loading capacity of 12 kg (26.4 lbs.) per arm, be confident that your monitor will be securely held in place.

Available in clamp or grommet mount type, the Butterfly series of monitor arms also have a monitor quick release mechanism. Optional features include front end height adjustment and anti-theft kit. Rest assured that we stand behind our quality offering and will include a three year warranty for each one of our Butterfly series monitor arms. FAM Solutions invites you to make your work area more comfortable with the Butterfly series of ergonomically created monitor arms. We invite you to look at our other ergonomic supplies as well which include CPU holders and keyboard trays and drawers.

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